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Website Shared Hosting

At BDwebmaster, we are all about holistic online solutions. If you are looking through the myriad web hosting sites online and are thoroughly confused, we suggest you take a look at our offerings. Since we are in the business of developing websites, we are sure of the kind of features that our users expect from us. Rest assured that you get all that plus more.

We provide you with several storage capacities to work with depending on the kind of business you are. Our packages are flexible giving you the ability to upgrade as you expand. We work on a transparent basis and you will not find caveats imposed on storage in our terms and conditions. The bandwidth we provide is proportionate to the demands of your website and the kind of storage space you opt for.
We understand that as you expand your company and your product portfolio, you may find the need to open sub-domains. Rather than do this on multiple servers, you can opt to have them all hosted on one site alone. We understand the importance of coming across as professionals and provide you with email-accounts as well as ids that will work for your business.

Databases today are an integral part of any website and you can be rest assured with work with the popular MySQL. Besides this we also provide you with options such as PostsgreSQL, Oracle as well as the SQL server for larger demands on the website. In order to enhance your interaction online, there are also support frameworks such as blogging systems as well as CMSes on offer that you can use.

With the Internet now being more mobile than ever, an easy integration and access on mobile devices through apps is also made available. All of these services and more are available with our hosting solution. We also provide you with holistic back end support for any needs.

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