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Video Production

BDwebmaster is full-service videography organization besides our services in web designing, development, SEO and social media management and hosting solution. We work on making the gap between online TV viewing like that of YouTube and your actual television smaller. This, we are working at doing by providing businesses the power to produce transmission quality video. The joy is in seeing an idea of yours culminate into a reality on screen. We have the guidance of a number of producers, directors and cinematographers that will manage every stage of production from start to finish.

Once you have decided to make a video, our experienced professionals will guide you through the whole process. You will have several meetings with the creative team in order for them to understand what exactly you are looking for. This will be translated onto paper in the form of a screen play. The screenplay once approved will serve as the basis for the choice of locations, timings and even what you hope to get out of the whole shoot. What we pride ourselves for is the fact that we never leave a location without making use of its offerings. Besides the screenplay, we also work at taking several other shot that becomes integral at the edit table when you need fill-ins. Our experience tells us that no amount of shots can ever be enough.

Coming back to the editing table we can offer you a choice of linear and non-linear style editing, both of which have their own advantages. Your choice will depend on the kind of work you are getting done. An essential part of video production is the creation of graphics that will enhance the entire production. We have a range of experts on this who will provide you with graphics in several ways to be incorporated. The formats used will be compatible to the video. This kind of service is possible only when you have both forms under the same roof, like you have with BDwebmaster.

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